Rudi Zygadlo: Great Western Laymen

05th Nov 2009

Since we were about 3 years old, me and my friend Rudi have been good mates. Musically, we’ve always been interested in the forward-looking waves of the contemporary. I guess you could say I took more of purely instrumental route, whilst he delved into the treasurehouse of the electronic realm. Since he began, I’ve always had an ear open to what he does and it looks like now, his shining hour has arrived. Picked up by record label Planet Mu (http://www.planet-mu.com/news) earlier this year, Rudi set out to produce tune-upon-tune of whole Electro-bliss and create his current album Great Western Laymen.

Rudi’s work was recently featured on a couple of Radio 1 shows, including Mary Anne Hobbs’ early, early morning Experimental Show. You can hear me featured on the tune Missa Per Brevis (which was also featured on the show – ace!). You can check out his work at the following: www.myspace.com/rudizygadlo

  1. MP3: Future Pop ('Future Pop')
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  2. MP3: Leaf Blower ('Future Pop')
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  3. MP3: On the Other Side
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  4. MP3: From the Ash (live at Bar East)
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