Human Equivalent Play London Jazz Festival, Southbank Centre

30th Nov 2009

To add to the busy past semester/season I’ve had, my group, Human Equivalent, got the rare opportunity of being invited to play at the London Jazz Festival, which happens yearly November-time. At 6pm, on November 13th 2009, at the Front Room Stage in the Southbank Center, we played our set and I speak for everyone in the band when I say that it was an amazing and inspirational concert for us.
Along with the overall professionalism of Serious Music and everyone involved in the London Jazz Festival, the turn-out and overall atmosphere of the concert was beyond our expectations. Before any concert I’ve given, there’s always that hour before when you weigh-up every factor of the situation you’re about to go into: the stage, the room, the audience that begins to trickle through the doors, the focus of the band, the set of music you’ve chosen… There are times when you believe that any one of these factors could alter the state of play, if it’s not ‘perfect’ or if it’s a little bit ‘different’ from your last concert. If November 13th wasn’t an example of a band adapting to each factor, so much so to create the atmosphere they needed, I don’t know what is!
One of the factors we have to thank is the audience. As blogged by one observer, we managed to accumulate five times the audience they usually get at the Front Room. I’m going to assume most people enjoyed the music, seeing as all seats were taken and roughly another 50-100 people were still standing (or dancing!).
Along with this performance on the Friday, we were invited to work with the community music school Groove Academy, in Hampton (run by Angela and Mark Ramsey), where we gave a workshop during the day for the kids and then gave a mini concert in the evening, with a wee jam session at the end. Again, this was a great experience for us: the kids were all very enthusiastic and ready to try out some of the styles we had discussed within our own music. We want to thank Groove Academy and the Ramseys for their hospitality and support, during the whole weekend!

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