05th Jun 2012

The last couple of months have been pretty exciting and busy in general. Much of it was taken up with me agonizing over my Artist Visa submission and getting the paperwork sorted for it. Iʼm still awaiting the final approval. All I can do right now is wait. Itʼs a nasty kind of limbo, but eventually you just have to let go and throw the distraction of anxiety to the wind.

The gigging has been great and frequent, and many of the people I meet when out at parties, or checking out local concerts, often knows a friend of a friend and can lead to some great playing opportunities, but there is so much left to explore here, so Iʼm looking forward to seeing what happens next (and then making “what happens next”).

Last month saw me travel down to Baltimore for a couple of trips, to work with a fellow electronic adventurer and musical collaborator, Sean Thornton. He is also the musical director of an arts-based company I work a lot with, Art-Shape. He has a wonderful setup at his house in Westminster, Maryland, and itʼs always a joy to go there and spend hours creating music (normally loops and soundscapes) at his studio. Being in a wide-open space to experiment and get creative is something I havenʼt really done in a long, long time, so itʼs a refreshing experience. Sean was recently working on sound design for a video game down in Miami – he hasnʼt let on what the name of the game is but itʼs set to be released sometime later this month and Iʼm looking forward to playing (and hearing) the end result of the game! Weʼre also preparing for our first excursion into the electronic realms, on June 21st at 9pm, at Fat Baby, Lower East Side, NYC. It should, if anything, be an experience… ;D

As well as that, I have a lot of pleasure in announcing that I will be performing a short recital at the 16th World Saxophone Congress this year, on Saturday July 14th, at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK. Because Iʼve been exploring (with a lot of enthusiasm) some more of the electronic side of music, I decided to create two compositions (Parts 1 & 2, of an overall “unnamed” 20 minute “piece”), the first being made up of synths and sounds Iʼve created, blending the EDM style with
some jazzier harmonies, and the second being mostly coherently composed of samples that I lovingly spent hours cutting up deep into the nights this last couple of months (I actually love the sampling idea, enjoying creating music out of different “materials”, like a patch-work quilt). Electronic Wind Instrument and Alto Saxophone will be featured on the compositions (it is a Sax Congress, after all), but it will be a joy to present something different to those who will be attending!

No matter where I end up residing over the next year or two, another Human Equivalent album is on the cards. In terms of booking gigs for the band at the moment, itʼs been a rather strange psychological stall to wait for this visa approval, so Iʼve been primarily waiting on my future plans before diving head first into investing energy and focus in my acoustic group. The members Iʼve been working with are all amazing musicians, bringing a sound that Iʼm looking for right now and are all a joy to hang out and work with. So, if all goes to plan, I intend to record an album of new, fresh material and to then start making frequent outings in the NYC area.

So, Iʼll leave you with that for now! Once things settle down a little more over this end, I can fill you in with all the gory details… 😉

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