Human Equivalent

Leah Gough-Cooper’s Human Equivalent was established in the summer ’07, getting together some of Scotland’s most versatile and creative musicians, from different backgrounds and stylistic approaches. The group is now regarded as a progressive force in the jazz scene and a forward-looking Jazz-Fusion experience.

Taking influences from Zappa to Metheney, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock, they maintain a fresh originality, experimental perspective and deep respect for jazz tradition. Initially comprised of Ant Law on Guitar, Kevin Glasgow on Bass, Calum McIntyre on Drums, and Leah Gough-Cooper on Alto Sax, the band played at the Jazz Centre at The Lot and at the Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, and recorded their debut CD, Psyclone. In the Fall of 2007, they played at the Islay Jazz Festival with Stuart Brown subbing for Calum McIntyre on drums and at the Lockerbie Jazz Festival.

In the summer of 2008, Alan Benzie, winner of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2007, joined them on piano. They played regular gigs at the Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, performed at the 2008 Edinburgh International Jazz Festival with Graeme Stephen subbing for Ant Law on guitar, and at the Fettes Jazz Festival (Edinburgh International Festival Fringe) with Patrick Kunka subbing for Calum McIntyre on drums.

In the autumn of 2008 Leah ported Human Equivalent to the U.S. with Alan Benzie (Rhodes, piano, keys), Patrick Kunka (drums), Serghio Jansen (electric guitar), and Martin Nessi (electric bass), with a recital and cafe show in the Fall, and a recital at the Berklee Performance Center in February 2009. As Leah Gough-Cooper’s Human Equivalent, they released their album ‘Future Pop’ in August 2009.

Human Equivalent recently featured at the 2009 London Jazz Festival, and as a still further augmented 8-piece outfit Human Equivalent East – expanding the horn section and adding a further percussionist – at the 2009 Chiayi International Band Festival in Chiayi City, Taiwan, 12/09-01/10. The Taiwan band featured Chad Selph on keys and Massimo Buonanno on drums, with Vivek Patel on flugelhorn, Arturo Pena on percussion, and special guest Kunter Chang on tenor sax.

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