03rd Jul 2012




The premise behind the PANOOC EP in its USB Wristband form is to enable a sleek and easy way to share her music in a green, international and digital format.

If not for the music and media contained within, please enjoy the Wristband to your heart’s content! With 4GB’s worth of memory at your disposal, all media can be moved to and from your computer, or shared – we understand that this happens sometimes! However, we want you to have something extra that you will find useful for your everyday life: the Wristbands are UNLOCKED, so you can use them
to store your own files and media, and take them on the go!

Because of this, however, (and because somewhere out there, there is probably a creeper waiting to cause trouble) please read the following DISCLAIMER carefully:

If your PANOOC USB Wristband was not purchased at an official show or showcase, from her personally or any of her official collaborators, then you are warned that some or all content may not be from PANOOC and may therefore not be safe. PANOOC takes no responsibility for any “strange” files or items on the USB Wristband. If you received one from a friend or elsewhere, that’s awesome! But if you come across any pictures of your friend’s Grandma feeding goats in Montana, chances are PANOOC did not put them there… (not that she might not approve, mind you…). For added safety for you and the  Wristbands, Autorun.inf will not work on them, so there is no immediate risk of any computer-assassination
programs instantly loading into your computer and causing mischief…

An Official Listing of all music and media files preloaded by PANOOC on the Wristbands will be available on the Wristbands themselves, as well as at the following locations:


If in any doubt, please go to these locations to see what should be on the Wristbands from a specific date onwards, as the materials on the Wristbands will be updated on a more regular basis than most bands’ music.

“What if I miss out on new music and media, because I bought an “older” version of the Wristband??”. Do not panic! All tunes and media will be made available online all the time, to purchase or listen to for free on sites such as SoundCloud or YouTube. See the Wristband as you merely having a piece of the PANOOC pie, a transportation device for an ever-evolving musical project and journey and something you would want to keep for the future. You can also contact PANOOC and her team at any time with any questions or queries, or even just to say “hello”. Whatever it takes to keep you up-to-date and in the loop!

PANOOC hopes you enjoy your product and the music & media inside! The idea behind the unit is in part about freedom and creative liberation, but also to have a greater, greener and, in all, less expensive way to have a rather big and evolving world within a rather discreet accessory (we’re not going to lie – who doesn’t like to wear fashion accessories now and again?).

Who knows? Chances are, PANOOC will be consolidating some of her “best of” material via CD in the near future… For now, however, she is content with the digital realm being her place to imprint and having the USB vehicle to keep the motors running…!

Thanks again and enjoy!


  1. MP3: Future Pop ('Future Pop')
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  2. MP3: Leaf Blower ('Future Pop')
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  3. MP3: On the Other Side
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  4. MP3: From the Ash (live at Bar East)
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